i am moritz Wolf

since 1995. 

What I do.

  • Work

    Building an Aurora Australis Nowcasting Program in New Zealand

    Woring at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, my goal was to create a program that creates alerts if the aurora Australis could be visible. Link to the program.


    Physics Tutor

    Teaching Physics I and Physics II and correcting homework of students.


    Advisor -

    Helping with workflow and design decisions.


    Professional travel/nature photography

    Since I was a boy, I was interested in photography. Now you can buy over 4800 of my images online here or visit my website

    Jun 2013 - Sept 2013

    Intern -

    Designing a new propellor protector for aerial drone video produictions. Working in postproduction for multiple videos.

  • Academic

    Bachelor of Science: ENGINEERING PHYSICS

    Studying at the University for Applied Science, Munich. Provisional grade average: 1.9 (best possible 1.0)


    Academic high school

    Theodolinden Gymnasium, Munich. Succeeded ABITUR: 2.2 (best possible 1.0)


    Elementary school

    Elementary school: Rotbuchenschule, Munich

  • Hobbies

    SPORT - Bodyweight Training and Parkour.



    CREATING STUFF - Like this website...

About me

  • Character

    If I could, I would learn everything. I am that curious!
    I am attracted to difficult and challenging endeavors. I stretch my mind.
    I I aim to concentrate on what I do quite well.
    I refuse to waste time, energy, or money.
    I direct my energy to tasks which are important to me, optional tasks receive less attention.

  • Mindset

    You are the result of your decisions and paths you took in life.
    Deliberate practice is the skill to unlock the world.
    Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.
    Goals without routines are wishes. Routines without goals are aimless.

  • Goals

    Be around my loved ones. Create stuff. Travel the world. Learn things.

  • Strengths

     I constantly strive to learn and improve.
    I forms close relationships with people.
    I seek to transform something strong into sth superb.
    I care about decisions and choices deeply. I anticipate obstacles.
    I love to peer over the horizon. I imagine in detail what tomorrow could or should be.

Get In Touch

Please contact me, if you have any questions or want to say "Hi".

Arnpeckstr 11
81545 Munich
Planet Earth

E: contact (at)